2018 Jan丨Book design, foam board, souvenir (tote bag, stamps) and ordering

To welcome new joiners to GOGOVAN, we come up a campaign GOGOVANTURE - GOGOVAN + Adventure.

Culture Book - A book full of love and care, company information and 31 days ice-breaking tasks for new joiners

Arrange shooting of Co-founders, management team and team - For the usage in the book

Stamps - For Management team to chop a stamp after they read the Culture book from new joiners.

Curiosity Museum - For collecting opinions secretly from staffs.

Tote bag - A welcome pack with some souvenirs to new joiners.

GOGOTECH online platform, GOGOVAN

2018 Jan丨Logo, web UI design, icons

GOGOTECH is a online data and analytics platform for users to check datas and predicts the trends. Clients want the logo could be more futuristic with branding, icons could represent the services as there are a lot of services.

 We were short of front-end support so I designed a simple layout in a tight schedule.

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