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2014 Oct until 2016 Jan

Platform: Facebook, Instagram, Wechat(campaign)

Objective: Follow social media user's trend o provide enegentic and cool BTL visuals.


Instagram:  Increase 39% of fans number (6,802 fans number to 9,478 fans number)

Global Facebook after localized (2015 Mar to Oct): 9461 local fans


*Due to the copyright of lyric, all related visuals are removed from platforms on Oct 30,2015.



Wellcome Supermarket®

2014 Oct until 2016 Mar

Platform: Facebook

Objective: To have a graphic and nice style for supermarket. 

To make it more close with fans, when people reply on festive posts, we replied by using celebrities' emojis.

Utilize the functions of facebook (e.g. video format, multiple images, reply by photos, etc) to engage the fans.

We also need to design a game for selling the product's specialities every week.





Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.21.39 pm.png


2014 Feb to 2015 Oct

Platform: Facebook

Objective: Launch campaigns and create attractive frames, soft-sales Huggies' products by Q&A and tiral classes


Agency of the Year 2015 submission from UM Rally

Used blackboard theme to illustrate the succeed of UM Rally in 2015.

Proudly created by Maf Cheung

Planner of the Year 2015

Rachel Wong from UM RALLY

Ms. Wong is a proactive, agressive and the loudest director in office who lead us well. Rock & Roll is the best theme to discribe her.

Proudly created by Maf Cheung

Silver of Effie Award 2015, Coca-Cola Share a coke Campaign

Coca-Cola Share A Coke 2014 campaign submission to Effie Awards 2015 from UM

Proudly created by Maf Cheung

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