Gen Elysian 極樂世代
2017 Aug 丨 Director, Story Writer, Animator

Comsultant : Samuel Ho

Drawing process is live on Youtube channel :  Maf Cheung

Gen Elysian_01
Gen Elysian_02
Gen Elysian_06
Gen Elysian_03
Gen Elysian_04
Gen Elysian_05
Dream is as close as the sun.
Don't be afraid to get it.
2014丨Director, Story, Animator

Consolation Prize of anifest Movie Movie contest

Compositing : Samuel Ho


2014 Sep丨Postcard & stickers for celebrating Christmas

Ji吱 + HK classic transportation + Nylon

The first thought was the messages on postcards are open to everyone. Why I don't create a "closed" one?

Front page with illustration is for writing address and put on stamp. Flip it to the back side for writing messages. Fold it up and will see the Nylon bag. Then mail it out.

Signal 8 Runner

2017 Oct丨Indie Game animation, motion

In charge of whole graphic and animation design, part of game design


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