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生命萬歲 Viva la vida

2021 Apr丨Individual project

Final 6 selected for the commission individual project in 'Feel the motion' motion graphic workshop launched by eMotionLAB and Sino Group with honor to display on big screen at Tsim Sha Tsui centre and Empire Centre for a week.

創作靈感來源自感嘆墨西哥女畫家Frida Kahlo經過畢生不幸的苦難後仍能熱愛生命,對「生命是何物」的反思。她人生中最後一張畫作上,一片西瓜深深刻著「ViVA LA ViDA」,中文譯意同為生命萬歲。「生命萬歲」 歌頌生命生生不息,週而復結。因自知短暫而爭取最美麗的分秒,因爭取而令分秒美麗。畫面意欲帶出生命的璀爍,令人目不暇給;背景音樂營造空洞的壯闊,讓人靜下來,騰出空間去感受。⁣


Robynn & Kendy 2017 Concert "Sunset" music video

2017 Dec丨Graphic design, animation design, video production

Work with Art Director to create the background video for concert.


Agency of the Year 2015 submission from UM Rally

2015丨Video planning, Video production
Use blackboard theme to illustrate the succeed of UM Rally in 2015.

Planner of the Year 2015

Rachel Wong from UM RALLY

2015丨Video planning, Video production

Ms. Wong is a proactive, aggressive and the loudest director in office who lead us well. Our COO, Lilian thought Rock & Roll is the best theme to describe her.

Coca-Cola Share a coke Campaign

2015丨Video planning, Video production

Coca-Cola Share A Coke 2014 campaign submission to Effie Awards 2015 from UM. Finally we got Silver prize.

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