Robynn & Kendy 2017 Concert "Sunset" music video

2017 Dec丨Graphic design, animation design, video production

Follow Concert Art Director's direction to create the MV for concert.

Agency of the Year 2015 submission from UM Rally

Used blackboard theme to illustrate the succeed of UM Rally in 2015.

Proudly created by Maf Cheung

Planner of the Year 2015

Rachel Wong from UM RALLY

Ms. Wong is a proactive, agressive and the loudest director in office who lead us well. Rock & Roll is the best theme to discribe her.

Proudly created by Maf Cheung

Silver of Effie Award 2015, Coca-Cola Share a coke Campaign

Coca-Cola Share A Coke 2014 campaign submission to Effie Awards 2015 from UM

Proudly created by Maf Cheung

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